Multimedia contains audio video tools that are used for most of the basic purposes nowadays. Multimedia software’s are basically composed of multi and media (two words). Multi means many types and media contains many audio/video related contents. So multimedia software contains many types of devices that works video/audio contents.

Without multimedia, we can’t assume our life these days. There are many software’s in the computer that runs multimedia as well as you can edit audio or video content in them. The tools in which you can edit any multimedia content are known as editors, if the software can edit only audio files then the software is known as an audio editor and the software will be a multimedia software. If you can edit any video using any software then this will be a video editor. You can also convert a multimedia file to another type of file such software’s are called the converters. Most known video editors are Camtasia, PowerDirector, etc. and the most common converters are MP3 Converters. Nowadays these products are thoroughly used to become the basic need of society.

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